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Geraldine Zinat Jarquin
Geraldine Zinat Jarquin outside torso

Geraldine Zinat Jarquin 


Geraldine Zinat ‘is one of the most solid, charismatic actors in the international Hispanic scene. Her multifaceted trilingual performance skills ( French, English, Spanish ) are featured in the star-strewn film DESEO, where her unforgettable rendition of a provocative French femme fatale chanteuse is mesmerizing.


Having studied in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY, and lived all around the globe, this Mexico based actress has achieved ‘versatility and radiant screen presence’, featured in award-winning shows as HBO’s Capadocia, Netflix series Club de Cuervos, Drunk History Comedy Central, Sony’s  Bienvenida Realidad and Lions Gate’s From Prada to Nada, earned her the favour of famed producer Anna Roth for ‘a very intricate’ three-part leading role in the epic historical extravaganza, Las Paredes Hablan, a ‘virtuoso tour de force’ that garnered Zinat the high regard of Telemundo’s top executives who entrusted her with a major role on the record-breaking international hit series La Patrona. Her now-legendary bravura performance as Francisca, has positioned Geraldine Zinat as a top-ranking actor on Telemundo’s roster since her consummate skill in weaving a dramatic role with an acute comedic timing has been a revelation. 





Geraldine Zinat Jarquin inside
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